Sweet Salty Lips

by Space, Baby

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Maybe I'm afraid of a constant change
Maybe I'm afraid of staying the same
Maybe I'm afraid, it's a fear I'm embrace
Maybe I'm afraid but I ride it as an arrow into the night

What I really mean
when I say I wanna stay
through the best and worst of times
is I don't love you like a mother loves her child,
don't wanna wipe the tears from your weeping eye,
not that I'm mean or mean to see you cry,
it's just that I see you in this very special light

To me your sadness is as beautiful as your anger, as your joy, as your hope
I'm taken by every facet of your heart which to me is probably never growing old
So let's grow old
let's grow old together
let's grow old together

I was happy for as long as I
could tell myself I didn't mind
how no one got the love I had to give
If I'm the only one who knows
just where I stood the day I go
I never did, I never did exist!

That got me going,
I'll patronize the fact that you're loving me for the times
when I do what I do as I always did
I hope you know I love you so for it
Yeah, you got me thinking it's all alright
My whole life feels like an alibi not to do,
not to do, not to do as I did
I hope you know I love you so for it
You oughta know I love you so for it...


released 26 June 2014



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Space, Baby Viborg, Denmark

"Space, Baby" is a solo project of Danish pianist Rasmus Brinck, who also sings and plays guitar and junk. The songs are all home written home recordings made with a few home build instruments in a town that doesn't feel very much like a home. The music is best described as cheap pop that very symptomatically expresses how head gets in the way of heart. It is what it is, a learning experience. ... more

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